Hiscox’s Group Digital Manager – Ronnie Brown, shares the latest hints, tips and things you might like to know when it comes to your digital business life. This week’s edition – promoted trends on Twitter; research into the latest digital trends; and where next for Instagram.

#1: Twitter – promoted trends

In the quest to demonstrate its value to potential advertisers, and extract revenue from its user base, Twitter has been releasing a fair amount of research recently. This latest piece on Promoted Trends (which appear atop the trending topics list) shows that they do drive conversation and therefore greater consideration. There also appears to be a decent tail to the activity over the following days. Could be a useful addition to a marketing mix for event-based campaigns.

#2: McKinsey Global Survey – digital trends

This McKinsey survey reveals widespread optimism when it comes to the use of digital. However, most think that they are only realising 25% of the potential from their digital programs. Interestingly, the critical success factor (and major failure factor) of a digital initiative is senior management interest/desire to change practices related to the digital initiative.

3#: Instagram – transition to revenue

The time in a new application’s life-cycle when it moves from pure utility to having to create revenue is always fascinating (to me anyway). It’s fraught with issues. This article makes a good fist of looking at Instagram and where it might go now it has to earn its keep at Facebook.