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No Phish is an educational cyber security card game, inspired by the fifth annual Hiscox cyber readiness report.

As with the aim of the report, this card game has been designed to encourage and promote cyber readiness best practice, especially for small businesses such as yours.

Cyber security education may be more important for you and your employees than ever before, as according to the report, cyber criminals were even more active in 2020. This may mean your business could be more at risk than previous years as larger numbers of firms were targeted in the past year than in 2019.

The latest report highlights how businesses across different sectors including energy, construction and retail have managed these cyber security threats alongside the test the Covid-19 pandemic also posed.

The positive news is that despite the demands of the pandemic, the report discovered that cyber security spending has increased to meet this challenge.

In fact, this has risen by 63% with the average surveyed business saying it now dedicates 21% of its IT budget to security for cybercrime.

At Hiscox, we want to build on this momentum, and No Phish can help to spread the word to more small business owners and improve your employees awareness too.

This is why the game pairs attack and security cards together.

For example, the phishing card is matched with the employee training card. Covid-19 created a spike in phishing attacks and other scams and while a multi-layered approach to cyber security is advised, employee training can reduce click rates on phishing emails.

Similarly, the multi-factor authentication (MFA) card is partnered with business email compromise as even if a cyber criminal manages to access your password, MFA adds another layer of protection. When a criminal enters the password, they’ll be met with another check – such as an access code sent to you via text message.

With a view of the threats and how they can be combatted, you can gain greater insight into how to safeguard your business.

Read on for the card game rules and download to print and play in the office with colleagues or at home with family and friends.

The rules


  • 36 cards.
  • Four security in individual colours.
  • Four attack in individual colours.
  • Four Hiscox secret weapons.


Place the last card, or be the last player standing.


  • Deal seven cards for four players/nine cards for three players.
  • First player plays an attack card of any colour.
  • Second player plays a matching colour security card OR a secret weapon.
  • Next player plays any coloured attack card.
  • Can’t place a card? Pick from the deck while play moves on.
  • Next player responds to last card, if they can.
  • Deck run out? Anyone who can’t play on is eliminated.
  • Winner is the last player to play their final card, or last standing.

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