Hiscox’s Group Digital Manager – Ronnie Brown, shares the latest hints, tips and things you should know when it comes to your digital business life.

This week – a better way to pay?; big data’s effects; and, how to get your turkey tweeting.

#1: Klarna
This Swedish-based payment solution is growing at a decent pace. It has trust, good user experience and great integration at its core, and has the potential to break through the usual hype around such technologies. With around nine million customers, the four million Swedes amongst them have made it nearly as popular as cash as a method of transacting in Sweden.

#2: Big (scary) data
You can’t move for people talking about “big data”. Here is an interesting counter point from a social, political and business view. A bit of a long read but this quote sums up the points made: “We want to suggest that the utopian rhetoric of big data is frequently overblown, and that a less wild-eyed and more pragmatic discussion of big data would be more helpful.”  

 #3: Tweeting turkeys
A bit late for those in the US post-Thanksgiving but people who like a turkey for their Christmas dinner might want one of these. With a bit of cheap technology and some instructions from Oracle, you can sit back in your favourite chair while your turkey tweets you from the oven on how well it’s cooking.