Hiscox’s Group Digital Manager – Ronnie Brown, shares the latest hints, tips and things you should know when it comes to your digital business life.

This week – big news in natural search; how not to react to a critical tweet; and the scary but influential world of 4chan.

#1: Google encrypts search data
Google has announced that it will encrypt all search data. What this means is that the data businesses access from Google around the search terms people use to get to their sites (via the natural search) will no longer be freely available. While this puts a hole in the data businesses can easily use, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are other metrics that can be used, work-arounds and some SEO agencies (knowing this was coming) already have tools in place to mitigate the loss.

#2: Budget airline scores Twitter own goal
A mini-storm blew up in the UK Twittersphere earlier in the week when a prominent technology journalist (and lawyer) was initially stopped from boarding a flight as he’d sent a critical tweet about the airline he was using. Doing this to any customer is odd but to pick on someone whose Twitter biography states who exactly he is and what he does, would seem an own goal.   

#3: 4chan celebrates 10th birthday
If you have never heard of 4chan then don’t worry; it’s a site that’s definitely not mainstream. A strange mixture of bile, in-jokes, sarcasm and creativity – most of which isn’t suitable for work. However, it’s one of the most important sites on the internet as it is where many digital ideas are born; the cutting edge of digital expression and creativity. This is an interesting (but long) read on how it was formed and has progressed through the years.