Hiscox’s Group Digital Manager – Ronnie Brown, shares the latest hints, tips and things you should know when it comes to your digital business life.

This week – Facebook acquires to get (even) more mobile; Twitter and TV advertising proven to work better together; and, getting digital with data to stay dry.

 #1: WhatsApp?
Facebook has just spent $19bn buying WhatsApp – the application that allows free text and picture messaging between registered users. Having previously been accused of lagging behind in mobile, Facebook has made great strides recently in re-vamping its native applications (particularly for android) and now, with this purchase, makes a massive play into this space. Strategically it’s a very good move as the younger audience is starting to leave Facebook and WhatsApp is very strong in this area.

#2: Twitter and TV
Twitter has recently completed research into its relationship with TV, and specifically advertising on TV. Including hashtags in adverts helps social sharing and if someone is on Twitter whilst watching TV, they are less likely to switch over during ad breaks. The most interesting fact for me was they found that viewers watching TV without a second-screen had an average TV ad recall of 40%. But among those using Twitter, ad recall was significantly higher: 53%. So, far from distracting viewers, it appears that having additional screens and Twitter open actually boosts TV advertising performance.

#3: Flood Hack
Non-UK residents might have seen in the news that large parts of the UK are currently underwater! In a very welcome move, the UK government and the local tech / developer community got together to see if they could help in some way. A Hack Day was organised and the UK Government made environmental data freely available to a group of 200 developers from the likes of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, whose job it was to provide technical help to those affected by the floods. Several ideas went from concept to useful digital products within just a few hours. Here’s one of the winning apps which was conceived, designed, developed, tested and set live in eight hours.