Hiscox’s Group Digital Manager – Ronnie Brown, shares the latest hints, tips and things you should know when it comes to your digital business life.

This week – your relationship can be enhanced with digital; Google algorithm changes; and, a #longread on journalism and the internet.

#1: The modern world
With impeccable timing for Valentine’s Day, Pew has released a study of US couples and their use of digital in their relationships. It’s really interesting to see how core human traits are magnified and accelerated by digital. The stand out statistic for me was ‘9% have resolved an argument with their partner online or by text message that they were having difficulty resolving in person’.

#2: Top heavy
Google has completed another update of their algorithm which attempts to improve the searching experience. They are downgrading sites that have too many adverts at the top of the site, therefore getting in the way of you finding the content you are after.

#3: The public gets what the public wants
A fascinating and honest open letter from a journalist on virality, content and journalistic standards. A #longread but worth it if you have the time.