Professions that did not exist ten years ago – app developers and social media managers, for instance – are now mainstream job titles and in high demand in the contract and freelance world. As the digital age’s all-pervasive connectivity continues to shape our lives, futurists and recruitment specialists predict that this trend will continue.

A report by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, ‘Working Futures 2010-2020’, calculates that employment will rise slowly but steadily over the decade, with around 1.5 million additional jobs created by 2020.

But what might these jobs be?

  • Individual branding adviser – Following on from stylists and personal coaches, an IBA will manage and advance your personal brand – whether for professional or personal purposes.
  • ‘New science’ ethicist – As scientific advances accelerate in new and emerging fields such as cloning, proteomics and nanotechnology, a new breed of ethicist may be required.
  • Vertical farmer – City-based vertical farms are likely to progress, with hydroponically fed food grown in multi-storey buildings. The managers of such entities will require expertise in a range of scientific disciplines, engineering and commerce.
  • Old-age wellness manager – Specialists will draw on pharmaceutical, medical, prosthetic, psychiatric and natural fitness solutions to help manage the health needs of an ageing population.
  • Alternative currency speculator – As Bitcoin and other virtual currencies gain traction, there is an opening for alternative currency arbitrage and investment opportunities.
  • Weather modification police – The act of stealing clouds to create rain is already happening in some parts of the world, and is altering weather thousands of miles away. WMP will need to monitor who is allowed to shoot rockets containing silver iodine into the air.

Ten years ago no-one had heard of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, but now there are lots of businesses advising individuals and companies how to manage and maximise their profiles effectively to meet their specific needs.  Who would have thought it? 

What professions do you predict will develop and grow over the next ten years?