Business insurance for wedding planners

For a wedding planner, insurance could offer important protection when your running order doesn’t go to plan.

Business insurance can provide financial and practical support when accidents, disputes and contractor issues crop up – helping to safeguard your reputation and even save the day.

A memorable wedding can be months in the making, but even if you do everything right, your venue could cancel, leading you to lean on business cover. When a wedding planner needs to spin several plates, insurance becomes a reassuring safety net.

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Our experts are just a phone call away if you need to contain a crisis and our cover includes the ability to put it right, so we can pay to help you rectify mistakes


Full civil liability cover

There may be times when a wedding planner does nothing wrong but is still held responsible for client losses. Hiscox insurance includes civil liability cover for extra protection


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We've won several awards, including the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award in 2024 - rated by real Hiscox customers for our service

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We may be able to offer you cover based on your business sector.

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Why do wedding planners need insurance?

Disappointed couple

Despite your best efforts to make a couple’s wedding show-stopping, the band you hired for their dream jazz-themed reception cancels. You arrange a DJ replacement, but even with saxophone table centrepieces and the vinyl wedding cake in place, the bride says the entertainment cancellation has ruined the day. Weeks later, you receive a legal letter attempting to recover fees – fortunately, professional indemnity insurance can help pay court costs as part of your tailored wedding planner policy.

Injury on the big day

The work of a wedding co-ordinator involves many moving parts, which can create opportunities for health and safety issues. During setup for an outdoor wedding, you’re overseeing the installation of the bar tent when your bride arrives to confirm the order of the day. Unfortunately, the master of ceremonies arrives moments later and is injured by a falling pole. Public liability insurance can help with the cost of legal support and compensation expenses for wedding planners in these circumstances.

Assistant accident

During wedding season, your schedule features many tiers so you take on an assistant. You ask them to clear away and pack up the van at a barn venue while you set up at a stately home. A box filled with wood slice centrepieces is too heavy to lift effectively alone, resulting in it falling from the vehicle during loading, injuring your employee’s neck. Employers’ liability insurance can back you up financially by defending and settling a claim from your assistant.

What cover is included in insurance for wedding planners?

Hiscox can help tailor insurance to your wedding planner business – you may choose to add cyber or legal protection cover while self-employed organisers might also consider personal accident insurance.

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Insurance for wedding planners and event organisers: FAQs

How much does wedding planner insurance cost?

The cost of wedding planner insurance depends on the product combinations you select, as well as the cover limits that suit your work.

Hiscox takes a tailored approach to business insurance, which allows you to choose products and set relevant limits. This might allow a wedding planner to take out more public liability insurance than someone planning a small workshop, which could help safeguard against the risks of interacting with large numbers of people.

The approach also means you only pay for the insurance you need, which is good news, since single-policy quotes start at £10* per month. Find out more about the factors to consider when calculating the cost of business insurance.

*Figures based on policies from at least 10% of our customers from 2020.

Does Hiscox insurance cover claims involving subcontractors?

Hiscox professional indemnity insurance covers a range of complaints which could be made against a wedding planner, even if they occur due to the actions of subcontractors.

For instance, you might employ separate caterers for the canapes and main meal. The canape caterer might give several guests food poisoning, causing your other catering client to lose business. In this case, you might face a claim citing civil liability – with Hiscox, this is covered.

Alternatively, an outsourced team might fail to arrive after an advance payment, in which case your business would be covered for direct financial losses.

Does wedding planner insurance insure the wedding too?

Wedding planner insurance can account for several issues which can arise at a ceremony or reception. These might include damage to personal property and injuries to guests or even contractors.

However, it may be important to note that cover will differ depending on whether it’s purchased for the wedding planner or the event itself.

Wedding planners can also opt to purchase event insurance, which is designed to cover separate risks specific to the event itself including adverse weather disruptions or even cancellation.

Do I need public liability insurance?

The nature of wedding planning involves contact with members of the public – so liability cover may be beneficial. Learn whether you need public liability insurance with our guide.

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