At Hiscox, we’ve always believed that the most important part of any business is the people behind it. At the end of the day, great businesses, large and small, are nothing more than people trying to do remarkable things.

But, be it presenting a proposal, chasing an invoice or just getting a foot in the door, we all work differently. We each have different ways of thinking and communicating.

Different things push our buttons and we all have different personalities.

To offer tips and start a debate on how we can communicate and work more effectively, we are launching an online tool which can give tips and insight on the different personalities you work with.

Working with expert psychologist Donna Dawson, we have developed the Hiscox Personality Calculator, a psychometric test designed to reveal various core personality types.

After completing some short online questions, the calculator will reveal which personality type you or your client is most likely to be and what might make you both tick.

Why not give it a try here