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Do this quiz to identify your client or prospect's personality 'type'. Write down the option that comes closest to your 'ideal' answer. Try not to think too hard about it; choose instinctively. If you are genuinely unsure, you can skip a question, but bear in mind that the more questions you answer, the more accurate the test is likely to be.

Q1. Character traits

Illustration of a man and a woman wearing masks

a) Driven, persistent, pragmatic, goal-oriented

b) Innovative, flexible, imaginative, experience-oriented

c) Empathetic, down-to-earth, reliable, supportive, mediator

d) Analytic, objective, well-informed, self-sufficient

Q2. Working preferences

Illustration of man juggling

a) Works hard, results-driven, juggles projects

b) Generating ideas, living by wits, looking at the bigger picture, minimal supervision

c) Non-directive, leaves details to others, sees both sides, goes with the flow

d) Advance planner, works best alone, uses scientific methods and models

Q3. Demeanour

Illustration of woman daydreaming

a) Extrovert, energetic, positive, confident

b) Extrovert, optimistic, entertaining, quirky

c) Slow walking and talking, easy-going, friendly, laid-back

d) Introvert, slightly eccentric, single-minded but private

Q4. Communication style

Illustration of woman with megaphone

a) Fast-talking, enthusiastic

b) Articulate, dynamic, persuasive

c) Listens well, can sometimes be long-winded to cover all sides and options

d) Polite listener, restrained, thoughtful, gives little away

Q5. Email communication

illustration of hands typing on keyboard

a) Short, to the point, few if any pleasantries, avoids emotion or using emoticons

b) Frequent - full of ideas and exclamation marks, plus generous sprinkling of emoticons

c) Delayed response, sometimes rambling

d) Lives by emails: detailed, lengthy, informative, unemotional

Q6. Working environment

Illustration of man closing door

a) Organised, efficient, with latest tools for the job and time-saving gadgets. Trophies/certificates of past successful campaigns on display

b) Informal, unstructured, creative brain-storming; on the desk are modern telecommunications plus fun gadgets to inspire the imagination

c) A (sometimes) tidy desk with photos of family and/or pets and potted plants; likes routine, stability, team spirit

d) Best computer and communications technology; collector of 'things' left on display on desk, or on shelves

Q7. Appearance

Illustration of man tying tie in the mirror

a) Image-conscious; dress for success, depending on what passes for success in that particular company (suit and tie, latest high-street fashion)

b) Smart casual, such as tailored jeans with an expensive, open-necked shirt with sleeves rolled up

c) Comfortable, 'lived in', such as a crumpled shirt with corduroy trousers, and a pullover

d) Relaxed, such as jeans and trainers, to 'old fashioned' (three-piece tweed suit), to plain eccentric (mismatched socks)

Q8. Decision making

illustration of woman looking at signposts

a) Quick; trusts own judgement

b) Impulsive, spontaneous

c) Collaborative - if not, can procrastinate

d) Slow, cautious, logical and well-researched

Q9. Buying style

illustration of wallet

a) Competitive, one-upmanship, keeps the market in mind.

b) Changeable, inconsistent. Looking for a new angle on an old idea

c) Follows precedent - can be persuaded that it's needed

d) Reluctant to spend; needs convincing

Q10. Presentation style

Illustration of man presenting

a) A 'company person', who can 'pitch' but also self-advertise

b) A charismatic showman, using a multimedia approach

c) Warm, inclusive, balanced

d) Well-prepared, detailed briefs presented in an understated way


Total up the number of A's, B's, C's and D's you've written down. Whichever letter comes out as the highest, click on the relevant link below to find out about what your personality could tell you.

Example: If I totalled 3 A's, 1 B and 6 D's, my result would be "D. Thinker".

A. Go-getter

B. Visionary

C. Negotiator

D. Thinker

Want to find out about your own strengths and weaknesses? Use our personality calculator to discover your personality 'type'.

About the Quiz

The Hiscox Personality Calculator is a tool developed by psychologist Donna Dawson, a recognised specialist in personality behaviour and relationships.

The tool is designed to determine four core personality types: 'go-getter', 'visionary', 'negotiator' and 'thinker'. There are elements of each of these in all of us but, in most cases, one type is predominant. These typologies are based on a combination of business archetypes culled from academic and popular reading material and Donna's own professional experience.

After completing the questionnaires, the tool will reveal which personality type you or your client is most likely to be, including tips on how you can communicate and work more efficiently.

It also offers more specific tips on seven common business challenges:

  1. getting a foot in the door (i.e. making an impression at first meetings)
  2. pitching new ideas/work (i.e. projects)
  3. writing proposals or reports
  4. presenting
  5. chasing for feedback (or an invoice!)
  6. giving feedback, or delivering bad news
  7. communicating on someone else's terms (i.e. to keep them happy)
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