The Hiscox Personality Calculator is a tool developed by psychologist Donna Dawson, a recognised specialist in personality behaviour and relationships.

The tool is designed to determine four core personality types: 'go-getter', 'visionary', 'negotiator' and 'thinker'. There are elements of each of these in all of us but, in most cases, one type is predominant. These typologies are based on a combination of business archetypes culled from academic and popular reading material and Donna's own professional experience.

After completing the questionnaires, the tool will reveal which personality type you or your client is most likely to be, including tips on how you can communicate and work more efficiently.

It also offers more specific tips on seven common business challenges:

  1. getting a foot in the door (i.e. making an impression at first meetings)
  2. pitching new ideas/work (i.e. projects)
  3. writing proposals or reports
  4. presenting
  5. chasing for feedback (or an invoice!)
  6. giving feedback, or delivering bad news
  7. communicating on someone else's terms (i.e. to keep them happy)