The costliest cyber damage attacks – infographic

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March 28th, 2016
Annabel Venner

Annabel Venner is Global Brand Director at Hiscox, she is also one of our Partners as well as being a Fellow of The Marketing Society.

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As every business knows, reputations take years to build. Yet even multi-million-pound organisations have been left wondering how someone could break in through their cyber back door to steal their data at lightning speed. Sometimes it only takes a click.

Last year 74% of small businesses in the UK suffered a data security breach, according to the Information Security Breaches Survey 2015 by HM Government. So if it can happen to the likes of TalkTalk and Sony Pictures (estimated losses of £60m and £24m respectively), then it could happen to your business.

Our infographic shows that cyber-attacks are not just about the loss of revenue though. When your customers’ personal data is no longer secure, then your reputation comes into play.

Cyber Crime Infographic

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