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Office contents insurance is a particular form of office insurance designed to protect a business's equipment, such as computers, office furniture, and documents. This policy is available to businesses working from dedicated office premises and to those working from a home office.

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We may be able to offer you cover based on your business sector.

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What is office contents insurance?

Our insurance policy covers your business against risks such as theft, fire and water damage, even if the possessions are temporarily away from the workplace. As a specialist insurer, we are also able to provide broader cover, meaning non-standard items such as artwork or visitors’ personal belongings are covered as standard.


Hiscox Cover for Office Contents includes:

  • full theft cover including theft that occurs during normal business hours. Losses are covered even where there is no evidence of forced or violent entry to your premises
  • accidental damage cover as standard, including any damage to glass and signs you are responsible for
  • cover for possessions away from the office, for example at an employee’s home or in transit, up to a maximum of £25,000
  • personal property (belonging to employees or visitors) on the business premises, including non-standard items such as artwork, is covered up to £5,000
  • loss of data - costs to reinstate data lost due to physical damage, e.g. after a fire, are covered up to £5,000.

You can also add a range of other covers to your policy:


What about if I work from home?

Hiscox office insurance covers your office whether it is based within separate premises or your own home. So you don’t need to worry about taking out a specific home-based policy if you run your business from your own house. 


Specialist office contents for technology businesses

At Hiscox we specialise in providing insurance for technology customers, so we have created a specific contents policy tailored to their needs. It has all the same cover as our standard office contents, with specific enhancements such as cover for managing incompatible software following a claim, or for the accidental discharge of a gas system.


Build a tailored insurance policy for your business

Running a business brings various risks, but these can be managed by taking out a tailored insurance policy that covers all bases. Cover for your premises and everything inside it can be taken out alongside the essentials. You'll find a range of comprehensive policies such as public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance, as well as additional extras like cyber and data risks insurance and personal accident insurance with Hiscox.


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