Is your start-up on track to be one of the fast growing technology companies in Britain? Each year we celebrate those start-ups through our sponsorship of The Sunday Times Tech Track – a league table honouring the fastest growing technology companies in Britain.

Last year we spoke to  several companies who  landed themselves on the league table to discuss the challenges they faced and why they’re now among the UK’s fastest growing businesses.

So what does it take to make the list?

Future-proof your business

The technology industry is constantly evolving, changing and growing at a pace many small business find difficult to manage.

Bookatable‘s Joe Steele and Colin Tenwick discuss the importance of future-proofing your business and building a platform that is scalable.


Focus on customer satisfaction

Many business owners find themselves focusing on the bottom line, but in order to grow the business and find true value in your company, your customers most come first.

Pete West of Portal shares the importance of consolidating your business departments to ensure you’re offering the best service possible.


Nurture talent

One important attribute of entrepreneurship is identifying your weaknesses and collaborating with people who complement your skills.

Javier Brage of Maxymiser emphasises the need to find and nurture excellent talent within a technology company. His advice? Always hire someone who is better than you.

Define company values

So you’ve planned for the future, delivered excellent customer service and have the best talent possible working for you – what else could your business need?

Defining your company values and fostering a unique culture is the key to growing a  business, says Audio Network’s Robert Hurst. Watch his interview to learn the importance of building a business on strong values.


Over the next few months as Fast Track and The Sunday Times search for the companies who will make up the new Tech Track league table, we’ll be offering tips and tricks to growing your tech business.