Schools could do more to help female entrepreneurs, say tech leaders

September 16th, 2016 .
Authored by Richard Tyler .
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Two schoolgirls do maths on a whiteboard
Find out how schools can play such an important role in creating entrepreneurial mind-sets and what women in the business community can do to help themselves according to successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, Tech Track 100 winners and alumni…

‘I went to an all-girls school – I had health and beauty lessons on how to put on make-up and I had home economics lessons on how to cook – that doesn’t equip anyone to be an entrepreneur,’ says Melissa Morris, CEO, Network Locum. ‘My brother went to an all-boys school and he definitely didn’t have those lessons. I was very lucky as I learnt from my parents but a lot of people don’t have that.’

What can the government, businesses and schools do to encourage women into becoming entrepreneurs?  Quite a lot more according to the successful entrepreneurs we speak to including Melissa Morris and Tamara Littleton, Founder & CEO, Emoderation.

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11 of this year’s Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 companies are founded or led by women. We’d like to see this number grow.


Richard Tyler

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