Pavel Matveev: Design your culture

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It’s not like you set your values, you put it on the shelf and that’s it, culture is done. But the team, the people, it’s what creates culture. 

Hello, my name is Pavel Matveev and this is my unskippable minute. 

I'm a first-time entrepreneur right, so I learn a lot of things myself. 

In every company's success, people are what make it happen. Know that you bring the right people on board. In order to attract talented people who will deliver results, financial results, commercial results, you need to have a healthy, strong culture in place.

It's much more difficult to build a culture once you have people. That's why we do it during the hiring process. It's much easier to find people who share the same values, rather than convince them in your company values later on.

My advice would be, think about what type of company you want to build and think about what type of people and talent you want to attract to your company. It will define your company values and culture. 

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