Quiz: Test your small business know-how

Authored by Laura Quartly.
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The Hiscox small business quiz

Ever wondered if your business knowledge is up to scratch? Do you fancy yourself as an Alan Sugar or do you struggle to get your head around the likes of legislation, strategy and finance? Whether you’re an SME owner, aspire to be one, or are simply interested in the business sector, take the Hiscox Small Business Quiz to assess your know-how. Intended as both an indicator of your business acumen, and as an educational resource, you’ll be taken through a series of questions that cover all of the different areas of business.

The quiz is split up into the following sections:

  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Business Development

When you’ve completed the quiz you’ll be given an overall score, but you’ll also learn about where you went right and wrong as you go along, with in-depth explanations for each answer. From the ins and outs of public liability insurance and the minefield that is tax, to testing your product in the market, you’ll be quizzed on all of the various aspects of running a business.

For each section, we’ve worked closely with industry experts, all of which are at the top of their fields. They are:

Business Strategy: Incite

Incite is a strategic research consultancy that aims to unearth and interpret insights about brands and businesses to help their clients think more clearly and plan more effectively.

Marketing: Luan Wise

Luan Wise is an independent marketing practitioner whose fifteen years’ worth of experience has seen her work for clients including Royal Mail, Hilton and the University of Cambridge. In 2012 Luan achieved Chartered Marketer status and is now the chair of CIM Gloucestershire.

Finance/Accounting: Crunch

Crunch is the UK’s first and fastest growing online accountancy firm. Having helped its clients invoice over £1 billion, Crunch has been selected by large brands like Uber and B&Q to provide accountancy services for their contractors.

Law: Keystone Law

Keystone Law is a full service law firm established in 2002 that works with a range of corporate businesses including SMEs and individual entrepreneurs.

Business Development: ByteStart.co.uk

Bytestart.co.uk is an online resource for small businesses in the UK. The site is packed with tips and advice about every topic from starting up to selling a business and everything in between.

So if you’re wondering if you know as much as you think you do, or would like to learn more about the areas you struggle with, take the Hiscox Small Business Quiz and see for yourself.

At Hiscox, we want to help your small business thrive. Our blog has many articles you may find relevant and useful as your business grows. But these articles aren’t professional advice. So, to find out more on a subject we cover here, please seek professional assistance.

Laura Quartly

Laura is an underwriter in the Medical Malpractice team, sitting within the Specialty Division of Hiscox UK. She joined Hiscox in 2012, initially working in the Customer Relations team before moving into Hiscox Broker channel and underwriting in London. Laura is primarily responsible for providing insurance solutions for clients across the malpractice sector, and has specialist knowledge in areas ranging from health and beauty therapies to medical practitioners and dentistry.