Take this quiz to discover your personality type, and understand how others may see you.

Select the option that comes closest to your 'ideal' answer. Try not to think about it too hard; choose instinctively...


Someone you work with comes to you with a personal problem. You:

a) are secretly annoyed. Tell them politely that you don't have time for this, and/or direct them to someone else

b) try to cheer them up

c) put work aside, sit down with them, listen and empathise

d) try to work out a logical solution to their problem


You've been invited to a party where there will be many people that you don't know. You:

a) try to squeeze in a quick visit to distribute a few business cards

b) see this as a great networking opportunity, and end up entertaining a circle of people around you

c) go, and spend the night chatting to one or two people on your wavelength

d) avoid it if you can - crowds of people leave you cold


You are choosing a horse at the Grand National. You:

a) follow the bookie's favourite

b) seek out a tip from friends-in-the-know

c) choose one whose name you like

d) do some research, and work out the odds yourself


If there were objects around your workspace to inspire you, they would be:

a) reminders of past, successful projects or campaigns

b) inspirational photos, such as space-flights, mountain-climbers or tropical islands

c) green plants and photos of family, partner, friends or pets

d) something quirky or rare, such as miniature train models or antique matchboxes


If you were to invent a board game, it would be one that:

a) was highly competitive, but where the rules were clearly understood

b) involved taking risks and/or using your imagination

c) involved team work

d) relied on deductive reasoning skills


Your motto in life could well be:

a) 'you only get out what you put in'

b) 'reach for the stars'

c) 'take time out to smell the roses'

d) 'all of life is a solvable riddle'


Your friends and colleagues would describe your attitude to work as:

a) driven, sometimes over-the-top

b) more like creative play than work

c) slightly less important than the people involved

d) also your hobby


If pushed to make a decision quickly, typically you would:

a) be able to do so without any stress

b) keep asking questions and change your mind a few times

c) feel slightly flustered, and ask others for advice

d) wait until you had all the facts, and then decide


Your attitude towards emails is:

a) a useful tool to get information across quickly

b) an excellent way to expand ideas and to get them to many people at once

c) a necessary evil - you prefer face-to-face communication

d) an ideal way to deal with people and projects without the face-to-face


If you had one weakness, your family and friends would say it was:

a) not knowing how to slow down and relax

b) not following through on what you say you will do

c) being too modest, or letting others take the credit

d) not showing your feelings enough

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