Our small business insurance colleagues in the USA talked to Gene Marks about the leap he took when he started his own business.

Gene is the owner of the Marks Group PC, a 10 person company that provides sales and marketing technology and consulting services to SMEs. He worked for a large business for years before accepting his father’s proposal to help run his software venture, eventually taking over the company.

Gene says that he was initially attracted to owning a business to gain a better work/life balance and have more control of his destiny. But, he does say that when you are starting up you don’t find the balance you are looking for straightaway as you need capital and time to get going before that becomes a reality. His advice is that people thinking about starting up need to think it through 100% as, once you leave that job, it’s not a hobby anymore.

Gene is also a columnist, has written for a range of titles across the US and is the author of five books on business management.