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We've all got a completely unique perspective on the world, we've all had completely unique experiences. And so, not ignoring that I think is absolutely crucial to finding your own niche.

Hi, I'm Alex Bec and this is my unskippable minute.

I would always urge people right at the beginning just to really think about why the world needs their thing. The chances are, it doesn't. 

I think I'd give two really straightforward bits of practical advice for narrowing down a niche.

I think the first is really, truly looking at yourself and what you enjoy, what is it that you get satisfaction from? And I'd go there. And secondly, I'd say what is it that you're providing that is a true need?

If you can marry up those two things, something that you are truly, amazingly passionate for and that you get so much satisfaction out of, plus an audience need that you'd really love to solve, then there's your gold.

This amazing graphic designer called James Victore once said that the things that made you weird as a kid make you special today and I just always loved that. All the things, your strange things around the edges, are probably what people want now. 

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