Hiscox small business blogger event

For many small businesses one of the biggest online challenges to overcome is ‘going social’ – setting up and managing their own blog and social profiles. Last week we hosted a fireside chat with a handful of talented bloggers and freelancers, and everyone agreed that this is one of the toughest challenges for small businesses to tackle.

  • The initial challenge: May Chong of The Ladies in Blogging Network provided tips on overcoming the hurdle. As an advisor on blogging, she’s seen the difficulty people have in understanding how to actually set up a blog. Business owners need to take a step back and learn about the basics, then it’s easier to see the simplicity behind building a blog or social community.
  • The commitment: While actually getting a blog set up and a Twitter profile running is challenging for many businesses, the commitment to keep them going and populated is the most daunting part. Freelance blogger, Anita Wong, made an excellent point about the truth behind many business’ trepidation to ‘go social’ – the commitment can be overwhelming.
  •  The possibilities: But once you’re up and running, the possibilities are endless. The opportunities offered from blogging and social networking are tremendous – especially for a small business. Natalie Waterworth of Talented Heads shared insight into the real value of the blog and social spheres – from networking to engaging customers or becoming a thought leader.

So what was your biggest fear in setting up your business blog or social profile?

We’ll be tackling all of these challenges on the blog in the weeks to come. A big thank you to those who attended last week’s event and the wonderful insight you provided.

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