Charlie Smedley’s business rollercoaster story – Fear of starting out

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January 15th, 2015
Annabel Venner

Annabel Venner is Global Brand Director at Hiscox, she is also one of our Partners as well as being a Fellow of The Marketing Society.

Charlie Smedley

We’ve all heard the saying – running a business can be a bit of a rollercoaster experience. The fear of starting out, the highs and lows, the exhilarating moments, and the addictive nature of it all. So we decided to interview some of our lovely customers on that very topic. At Thorpe Park. On rollercoasters.

Here’s the wonderful Charlie Smedley – founder of A Space For Art (external link) (and a Hiscox business insurance customer) – describing his fear of starting out in business.

Warning: contains contagious laughter.


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And here’s Charlie’s full story:

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