Branding and the royal influence

Authored by Fiona Humberstone.
1 min read
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From pub signs to biscuit boxes, we chart the history of branding through a royal lens…

In a marketplace that’s never been so noisy, standing out is vital whatever your wares.

Instant recognition is the imperative – and not just for consumer goods or commercial services.

As we celebrate the life of one of the world’s most recognised icons this summer, Her Majesty the Queen, it got us thinking about how royal insignia have been used throughout history to signify everything from loyalty to modern business.


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Fiona Humberstone

Fiona Humberstone has been styling brands, creating websites and running workshops since 2000. Having founded, grown and sold one of the UK's most successful brand styling companies, Fiona now works as a freelance Creative Director for branding projects and consults for design agencies who want to sell more creative work. Find out more at