David is the name of the patron saint of Wales, whose feast day is celebrated today (March 1). He could also be the unofficial patron saint of entrepreneurs, if our research of small business owners’ names is anything to go by.

More entrepreneurs are called David than any other name, we’ve found following a review of our business insurance customers. Of a sample of the small and medium-sized businesses we insure here in the UK, we found that David was the most popular name of the owners of those firms, followed by John, Paul, Andrew and Michael respectively.

The name David doesn’t seem to have any particular entrepreneurial derivation. It comes from the Hebrew name meaning “beloved”, rather than ambitious or driven. But it was famously the moniker of the boy who fought the giant Goliath. So, in that sense, it’s rather an apt name for those who own a small business and are fighting to make a living against larger titans.

Certainly David Karp (co-founder of Tumblr) and David Ross (of Carphone Warehouse) are proof that there might be something in this name business after all.

P.S. Don’t worry if you’re not called David and you own your own business. We do offer insurance to people with all sorts of names!