Do this quiz to identify your client or prospect's personality 'type'. Choose the option that comes closest to your 'ideal' answer. Try not to think too hard about it; choose instinctively. If you are genuinely unsure, you can skip a question but bear in mind that the more questions you answer, the more accurate the test is likely to be.


Character traits

Driven, persistent, pragmatic, goal-oriented.

Innovative, flexible, imaginative, experience-oriented.

Empathetic, down-to-earth, reliable, supportive, mediator.

Analytic, objective, well-informed, self-sufficient.


Working preferences

Works hard, results-driven, juggles projects.

Generating ideas, living by wits, looking at the bigger picture, minimal supervision.

Non-directive, leaves details to others, sees both sides, goes with the flow.

Advance planner, works best alone, uses scientific methods & models.



Extravert, energetic, positive, confident.

Extravert, optimistic, entertaining, quirky.

Slow walking and talking, easy-going, friendly, laid-back.

Introvert, slightly eccentric, single-minded but private.


Communication style

Fast-talking, enthusiastic.

Articulate, dynamic, persuasive.

Listens well, can sometimes be long-winded to cover all sides and options.

Polite listener, restrained, thoughtful, gives little away.


Email communication

Short, to the point, few if any pleasantries, avoids emotion or using emoticons.

Frequent - full of ideas and exclamation marks, plus generous sprinkling of emoticons.

Delayed response, sometimes rambling.

Lives by emails: detailed, lengthy, informative, unemotional.


Working environment

Organised, efficient, with latest tools for the job and time-saving gadgets. Trophies/certificates of past successful campaigns on display.

Informal, unstructured, creative brain-storming; on desk are modern telecommunications plus fun gadgets to inspire the imagination.

A (sometimes) tidy desk with photos of family and/or pets and potted plants; likes routine, stability, team spirit.

Best computer and communications technology; collector of 'things' left on display on desk, or on shelves.



Image-conscious; dress for success, depending on what passes for success in that particular company (suit and tie, latest high-street fashion).

Smart casual, such as tailored jeans with expensive, open-necked shirt with sleeves rolled up.

Comfortable, 'lived in', such as a crumpled shirt with corduroy trousers, and a pullover.

Relaxed, such as jeans and trainers, to 'old fashioned' (three-piece tweed suit), to plain eccentric (mismatched socks).


Decision making

Quick; trusts own judgement.

Impulsive, spontaneous.

Collaborative - if not, can procrastinate.

Slow, cautious, logical and well-researched.


Buying style

Competitive, one upmanship, keeps the market in mind.

Changeable, inconsistent. Looking for a new angle on an old idea.

Follows precendent - can be persuaded that it's needed.

Reluctant to spend; needs convincing.


Presentation style

A 'company person', who can 'pitch' but also self-advertise.

A charismatic showman, using a multimedia approach.

Warm, inclusive, balanced.

Well-prepared, detailed briefs presented in an understated way.

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