What do you need to know about a Self Assessment tax return?

Authored by Emma Simon.
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Easy Accountancy, part of the SJD Group, explore the key information and dates for small business owners when completing a Self Assessment tax return.

One of the joys of working for yourself is that often one day to the next can be completely different, whether that’s pitching a new client for your small business or juggling two very different projects. However, there is one certainty in any owner’s calendar: tax deadlines.

Between now and the online tax return deadline at the end of January, we’ll be looking in-depth at a number of common tax questions for small business owners – whether you’ve got a growing SME, have set up as a sole trader or work as a freelancer.

To that end, our friends at Easy Accountancy (external link), part of the SJD Group, have put together the following infographic with key dates and information for those of us required to complete a Self Assessment tax return, as well as the penalties if you don’t submit your return on time.

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If you’re self-employed, then you may also be interested in Easy Accountancy’s infographic on what expenses you can claim.

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Emma Simon

Emma Simon is an award-winning consumer journalist with over 20 years’ experience of writing about money, property, travel and business. She is a former personal finance editor of the Sunday Telegraph, deputy money editor of the Daily Telegraph and personal finance correspondent at the Press Association. She writes for a number of national newspapers, including the Sunday Times, the Guardian and the Mail on Sunday.