Over the past few weeks small business in the UK has had some big wins. From reducing red tape to added monetary support – here are the three big governments changes you should be paying attention to.

1. ‘Red Tape Challenge’
In an effort to save small businesses around £100m per year the government is slashing needless regulation. Under the Red Tape Challenge, 800 regulations have already been abolished or simplified. How much could these changes save you?

2. Growth Vouchers programme
Launched in January, this programme will provide 20,000 start-ups with up to £2,000 of support and subsidies – ultimately Growth Vouchers will determine the important of business advice and start-up growth. Are you eligible to apply?

3. Revamping small business support
Many small business owners feel confused about the support available to them. With so many advancements in the works, the UK government is looking to the option of creating an administration similar to the US Small Business Administration (SBA). Would you like small business to have a seat at the table?

Staying in the know of government support for small business could mean a big payout, or at least a big saving, for your small business.