Inside British
Beauty Secrets

From the terrible haircut you’re sporting in your pre-school snaps to your first attempt at shaving, there have been many beauty triumphs and disasters in our personal grooming histories.

Using survey data from over 2,000 UK adults, we examine how the country really feels about keeping up appearances.

Let's get up close and personal...

Street style

We took to the streets to find out a little more about the Great British public’s beauty habits…

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or torture?

Do you love being pampered and preened? Or is it all too close for comfort? The nation’s favourite and least favourite treatments, perhaps unsurprisingly, tell us that we’re all about the gentle touch…

Londoners have more beauty treatments than people from any other region.

They are more likely to be waxed (35%), manicured (46%) and botoxed (24%) than anyone else in the country.

Love a trim?

Nearly half of the UK prefers getting a haircut to any other beauty treatment, followed by 34% of people who love a massage.

Feeling grim

Not all treatments make us feel so good. Of the ones we don’t enjoy: half of us hate waxing and 18% dislike eyebrow treatments and tooth whitening.

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Who do
you trust?

It turns out the British public really are tired of experts, and that goes for their beauty professionals as well. People told us they’d allow non-professionals to perform some treatments on them.

When it comes to getting the chop, we are not very adventurous.

Two out of three people would trust no one except a professional to cut their hair.

Keeping it close

Some of us aren’t so fussy. 65% of us trust our nearest and dearest to sculpt our facial hair, and 40% would let a non-professional wax them!

Bouffant buddies

29% of people describe their beauty professional as a friend, or close friend.

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The tipping

7 out of 10 people claim to tip hairdressers or barbers – but it’s the younger generations that come out as the top tippers. Adults aged between 45 and 64 (37%) are most likely to say they don’t tip.

Hairdressers in the East Midlands (47%) and Wales (46%) are the least likely to receive a tip from their customers.

Snip and tip

3 in 10 adults do not tip their hairdresser or barber.

Flashing the cash

Nearly a quarter of people give 10% the value of treatment and one in ten give up to 20% the value.

04 09

Gluttons for

It’s not easy being beautiful, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Across the country, your responses told us that some of your least favourite treatments are the ones you have most regularly.


While 6% of people in the South West hate getting pedicures, 1 in 10 get one every 6 weeks.


It might be far from their favourite treatment, but a small contingent of Londoners (1 in 50) actually like getting a wax!


People in the North East hate getting their teeth whitened more than any other region, but 1 in 25 still get it done every 2 weeks.

05 09

the cash

When it comes to choosing a salon, being offered the right price has the edge over the quality of the treatment! (48% and 46%, respectively)


Londoners splurge the most on beauty treatments, with a median spend of £120 a month. And more than a quarter of Londoners spend over £500 a month.


Scots have the lowest median spend at just £2 a month, while half spend nothing at all on beauty treatments.


Compared with other regions, the price of a beauty treatment is least important among Londoners (36%) when choosing a salon.

06 09

Getting the
(dye) job done

For some of us, beauty treatments are just a matter of necessity – perhaps that’s why 19% of people we asked said they wouldn’t travel further than a mile to get one done.


For people in East Anglia, a salon that’s close (21%) is as good as one that’s well-rated (20%)!


Those in Northern Ireland are more likely to rate a salon if it knows what they want (48%) compared to how they’re treated (36%).


While Londoners care more about a salon’s perks than anywhere else, those in Wales are more likely to care about just being able to get an appointment.

07 09

The hair on
your head

Unsurprisingly, haircuts are the most common beauty treatment in the country. At least 92% have had one done professionally, but some of us are a little more selective about who does the job...


People in Northern Ireland are the least trusting with their treasured tresses. 84% wouldn’t let anyone but a professional touch their hair.


6 out of 10 Londoners would let a family member, friend or partner cut their hair for them.


While 6 in 10 people in the North East wouldn’t let a family member cut their hair, 15% would let their dad pluck, thread or wax their eyebrows.

08 09

up your look

Some of us wouldn’t be seen dead with split ends or dodgy roots, but others are less fussy. Here are the regions where people leave it the longest and go most often for a cut and dye job.


People in Scotland are the most likely to leave it between six months and a year before getting a haircut, followed by the North West and East Anglia.


To find the freshest British hairstyles, you’ll need to head to London. 1 in 10 get it cut every 2 weeks, and 1 in 7 get a dye job at least every month.


People in the South West and East Midlands are most likely to leave it 6 months or more before they get a dye job (8%).

09 09

Style over

Among every region surveyed, feeling younger after a beauty treatment (20%) was twice as important as feeling empowered (10%).


For people in Northern Ireland, feeling physically attractive after a treatment (48%) is more important than feeling relaxed (32%).


More people in London have beauty treatments to advance themselves professionally (15%) than anywhere else.


Feeling confident is the biggest incentive (41%) in the country for getting a beauty treatment.

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