We recently partnered with charity Ideas Foundation to set an advertising campaign brief for a group of students aspiring to work in the creative sector after leaving education.

Here’s a reminder of what we asked them to do. But, in essence, as part of an eight-week project, we asked students from a range of schools and organisations to devise a campaign aimed at encouraging small businesses to think of Hiscox for their business insurance.

Here’s a short video of what it’s all about, with glimpses of the students at work:

The winners: Nottingham Academy

The idea: ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’

Here’s their winning presentation:

The team interviewed local business owners in Nottingham to ask them: “What’s the worst thing that could happen to your business?”

Their campaign exaggerated these ideas and created funny scenarios in which business owners would need insurance – a hairdresser dyeing somebody’s hair the wrong colour for example. They then created a social media campaign which invited other businesses to share funny instances in which you might need insurance. Their idea spanned multiple media channels, culminating in a TV ad. The ad was set in a cat cafe where a customer becomes infested with fleas.

Highly commended: Sir John Leman High School

The idea: ‘Big to Small’

The team from Sir John Leman High School chose to focus on the concept ‘Big to Small’ and how Hiscox helps businesses grow by enabling them to feel brave. They brought this to life with a domestic cat transitioning into a lion in various shapes and forms.

Big to Small

The experience

The project was a valuable and inspiring experience for all involved, said Tracy Waxman, Head of Brand at Hiscox. “The students were given the opportunity to work on a real-life brief which involved exercising their creativity, working with skilled teachers, and building confidence in presenting to an audience including industry professionals. And we at Hiscox very much appreciated the opportunity to nurture the next generation of creatives as well as hearing some great new ideas for our advertising.”

What’s next?

Both teams will be invited to join the Ideas Foundation’s progression scheme, ‘The Ladder’. It’s an opportunity for the students to work with Ideas Foundation on a long-term basis and be invited to take part in further opportunities such as work experience, training days and competitions. This is designed to give them the skills and experiences they need to gain employment in the creative industries.

How did you get on with the brief? Would you have tackled it differently? Share below.