An Essential Guide to funding a business

We explore the types of finance available to businesses, including bank loans and government grants, plus alternative options like crowdfunding. You’ll find guidance on choosing a loan before making an application, and advice on securing that funding when you’re ready.

Select the funding option which interests you and we will direct you to a trusted source to answer your questions.

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Funding for start-ups and small businesses

As a start-up or young business looking to grow, there are a range of funding solutions available to drive your business forward. Learn about seed-funding, crowdfunding and financial opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Grants 1 / 5

Small business grants for all types of development

UK businesses can access a range of grants for growth and expansion. Explore the finance options available for research, innovation, training and development - and advice on how best to apply.

Loans 2 / 5

Business and government loans to help you grow

Identify a business loan and support arrangement that will help your business achieve the next step, and pre-empt the sorts of things banks are likely to ask with tips on how to secure a loan.

Tax 3 / 5

Tax rates, relief and filing returns

Get to know the tax rates and relief that applies to you as a start-up or small business owner, and learn how to file a tax return to ensure you make the right payments from the outset.

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Now you’re ready

As a growth-focused business you’ll want to make sure you’ve explored all your funding options to make the right decision for you. If you feel clued up on your funding choices and know which route you want to take, why not check out some of our other business guides:

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