Business success – what’s luck got to do with it?When it comes to the business of insurance there is an element of luck. We use tools and models to help us predict events, catastrophes and risks but we can never be 100% sure of when Mother Nature will strike, the path she will take and what will get destroyed in her wake. But this uncertainty makes the insurance world go round; and we are here to help take away some of the risks around these uncertainties for the people and businesses we insure.

But what about when it comes to starting up your own business – whether you’re going solo as an IT contractor, setting up your own PR agency or offering management consultancy? What role does luck play in the success of a business? Do business-owners make their own luck through hard work or does success just boil down to a bit of ‘good luck’?

We are a proud sponsor of The Royal Institution of Great Britain and together we are hosting a one-off debate to look at whether businesses succeed by being in the right place at the right time or through sheer grit and determination. It’s taking place on Wednesday 6th March 7pm-8.30pm in the Royal Institution’s world famous lecture theatre.

It’s being moderated by radio broadcaster and journalist, Liz Barclay.  Joining Liz is an esteemed panel who will give their unique view of the role luck and hard work plays in success.  The panel guests are Douglas Miller, Dr Matthew Smith, Dr Stephann Makri and Sarah Curran – it looks set to be an interesting event!

If you’re interested in attending, visit the Royal Institution’s website for information and tickets.

Look forward to seeing you there!