At Hiscox, we know that as you grow your business, you want to stay informed with articles from the very best minds in the field. That's why we have a variety of expert authors with a range of different backgrounds to help bring you the expertise you need for your SME to thrive.


Matthew Webb

Matthew Webb is our Cyber Line Underwriter at Hiscox. Inspired by his father, who had built up his own independent insurance brokerage in their home town Tunbridge Wells, Matthew also took the leap into the world of insurance and has focused on products for commercial enterprises ever since. He is now a highly regarded UK resource on risks associated with cyber crime and data security.


Max Dobrov

Max is a Senior Underwriter for Hiscox, specialising in risk in the UK contracting industry. He joined Hiscox in 2012, and has worked across Hiscox offices in Colchester, York, Glasgow, Dublin and Manchester. Prior to joining Hiscox, Max worked as a commercial accounts handler at a Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) Broker.


Mike Briercliffe

“Adventurer, mentor, speaker, firestarter” – Mike Briercliffe is “right in the guts of Social Business – making it happen”. Currently Group Manager for Software at Service Group and Business Systems Architect working with UK SME companies, he helps IT related businesses focus and grow. A skilled IT and Communications spokesman and adviser with a 40-year professional career, he was extensively involved with Public Sector initiatives for ICT, including The National E-Commerce Awards (external link) and Technology Means Business (TMB) (external link).


Miriam Wraight

Miriam Wraight is the Head of the Home Office’s Research Information and Communications Unit, which delivers Cyber Aware, the Government’s flagship cyber security campaign. She has over 15 years strategic communications experience working in both the private and public sectors on a range of key societal issues including our national security, public health, getting into and staying in work, pensions, disability and local government.


Paul Holland

Paul Holland is an IT Security Leader industry expert with over 15 years of experience, focusing on awareness as a key security factor.


Phil Cracknell

Phil Cracknall is regarded as one of Europe’s leading information security experts, a reputation which has seen him secure Cyber Security Award's Personality of the Year. He has held several CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) roles spanning five different industry sectors and was nominated for CISO of the year in 2017. Alongside the awards, Cracknell's 25 year career in technology and security makes him a regular speaker on the international cyber conference circuit (external link).


Rosie Horrod

Rosie Horrod is a commercial underwriter and specialises in insurance for small businesses and professionals, and particularly enjoys working with clients in creative industries.


Sarah Waddington

Sarah Waddington is a pioneer of best practice in the PR industry. Winner of the CIPR’s Sir Stephen Tallents medal (external link) in 2014 for exceptional achievement in PR practice, Hall was CIPR 2018 President and she continues to sit on the Institute’s Board and Council to lead its gender and diversity work. She is also a member of the Northern Power Women Power List (external link), and Founder of #FutureProof (external link), a community and book series designed to support communication and PR managers.