Business insurance for Publishers

As a publisher, you set the agenda for both print and digital content, so insurance can help to safeguard this position of responsibility.

Online resources have expanded the reach of your publications, which creates the potential for more risks. With Hiscox, your business can receive financial support against several threats, from copyright infringement to defamation allegations or a cyber-attack affecting your magazine database.

We can tailor a publisher policy to include key cover types for your specific profession, including professional indemnity insurance.

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Why choose Hiscox for your publisher insurance?


Defamation cover

Sometimes your words might miss the mark  with Hiscox insurance, there's help if a publisher is accused of defaming someone


Intellectual property infringement insurance

Working across print and online can become complicated. We've got you covered if someone alleges you copied their imagery or logo


Cover for data capture

Our cyber and data insurance can safeguard against the risks involved with capturing reader information

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Why do publishers need insurance?

Printing errors

You always trust your proof-readers to check work meticulously. So, when you receive a manuscript that’s been through your company’s editing process, you know it’s ready to send to print. When you receive the printed book back, however, it’s full of errors. Your client files a claim for negligence as a result. Including professional indemnity insurance in your publisher policy means you can get financial support to fix mistakes such as key messages not coming across or a business name spelt wrong.

Book fair accident

The marketing team within your business is always busy creating advertising and sales opportunities, so they jump at the chance to take a slot at a national book fair. Enthusiastic to showcase all your company’s most talented authors, your marketing assistant sets up a display. After the event starts, one of the roller banners collapses and injures an attendee. Public liability insurance can help shield a publisher against the cost of legal fees and resulting compensation if the attendee opts to claim.

Employee injury

One of your copy editors travels across the country meeting with journalists, writers and authors and regularly edits remotely to get the job done. This can result in working wherever they can, often not operating from an assessed desk space. Unfortunately, this causes multiple aches and pains and results in a case of RSI, plus sciatica for your employee. They decide to claim for damages. In this instance, your employers’ liability insurance can step in to help with paying for defence and settlement.

What insurance is available for publishers?

A publisher may also choose to add other relevant covers to their policy, including cyber and data cover, legal protection insurance and personal accident insurance.

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Business insurance for publishers: FAQs

Do self-published authors need insurance?

When authors take on the role of publisher, they may decide they need insurance as they’ll face similar risks to a publishing company.

You could need to take on an assistant to manage your designs or publicity as part of the project – if so, employers’ liability insurance could be necessary. You might also find portable equipment insurance can provide welcome support if your computer is damaged or stolen.

Public liability, cyber and data cover and personal accident insurance can also provide reassurance for solo work.


Do you need insurance to publish a book?

A book publisher may decide they need insurance for a variety of reasons. The world of publishing can involve many departments, from commissioning editors to administrators. When you employ staff to publish a book, you’ll likely need employers’ liability insurance by law.

Professional indemnity cover doesn’t just apply to the risk of mistakes in a book, either. The marketing team may launch ads with accidental IP infringements, for instance.

Book signings can also bring risk – if a member of the public became injured tripping over marketing materials left on the floor, liability cover could step in.

To understand what you might need, read this guide to types of business insurance.

How much professional indemnity insurance do I need?

How much professional indemnity insurance a publisher might need can depend on several factors. A key consideration may be that publishing no longer only applies to print – and digital reach can increase the likelihood and scale of claims.

The type of publications you work with will also be something to take into account. Niche subjects are likely to have smaller audiences than something with a higher profile.

The cost of a claim against your company for mistakes and infringements may therefore depend on both print and digital reach.

Calculating the cost of a worst-case scenario can assist with setting cover limits. Discover more about how much professional indemnity insurance you might need with our FAQ guide.

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“As Head of Media at Hiscox, I provide insurance solutions to some of the UK’s leading advertising agencies, publishers and broadcasters. Our focus and expertise are key, with 30 years in the media sector, dealing with complex insurance needs.” 

- Maxwell Tipper, Head of Media

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