Business insurance for Psychotherapists

Psychotherapy insurance takes your profession’s risks into account, providing financial protection and practical support against setbacks and allegations of wrongdoing.

Alongside combined professional, treatment and public liability insurance, psychotherapists can select from several covers to mitigate the impact of setbacks such as clinic break-ins.

When problems arise, comprehensive psychotherapy cover means you don’t need to face them alone.

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Why choose Hiscox for psychotherapy insurance?


Saving time and money

Our new combined professional, treatment and public liability product includes several covers in one policy, making it simple to get insurance


Specialists with understanding

With Hiscox, psychotherapists get access to a dedicated claims team who understand your profession and business-critical needs


Support that goes above and beyond

Need help with a difficult situation? Hiscox customers receive access to our complementary legal support helpline through the Business Support Hub

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Why psychotherapists need insurance

Accidents and injury

When you run a business, taking responsibility for risks to the public comes with the territory. A client could trip in your reception area, for instance, or a child could slip on your laptop bag and sustain an injury during couples’ therapy at a private address. You may even stand accused of property damage if someone says you scratched their newly decorated paintwork on your way to a home appointment. Public liability cover means such problems don’t need to carry financial strain.

Treatment goes wrong

On examining a client’s notes, you recommend psychoanalytic therapy to address the unconscious feelings driving their problems. Following treatment, your client might feel this route was a mistake, or allege that bringing painful memories to the surface caused them mental injury, job loss or a relationship breakdown. Likewise, if you slip up on your method during cognitive behavioural therapy, a patient may sue for negligence. Providing professional treatments for the mind is sensitive work – insurance covering this can help support you financially if things go wrong.

Unable to work

When a psychotherapist is injured, finding a qualified replacement might not be straightforward. Personal accident insurance provides a range of supportive measures if you or a named employee are out of action due to an accidental injury. If you trip and fall on the ward while visiting inpatients and are unable to travel to work due to a broken arm, we can help ease the monetary concerns of being temporarily out of work.

What insurance is available for psychotherapists?

Professional treatment liability insurance and public liability insurance can be helpful for psychotherapists. So, we have combined them into one product – professional, treatment and public liability insurance. Though we talk about them separately below, professional, treatment and public liability insurance is a combined cover with one combined limit. You can get public liability cover as a therapist by purchasing this combined cover. Contact us for more details about Hiscox business insurance policies.

Depending on the circumstances of your business, you may also need to consider adding other covers to your policy. There’s employers’ liability insurance if you employ others, personal accident cover to limit the financial impact of being unable to work and cyber insurance to cover the costs of a data breach or hacking.

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Insurance for psychotherapists: FAQs

What insurance do I need as a mobile psychotherapist?

Mobile psychotherapists may have specific insurance needs due to the nature of operating on-the-go.

If most appointments are held at private addresses, for instance, then your interactions with clients will take place in a less controlled environment than in a clinic, surgery, or hospital. This might make professional, treatment and public liability insurance beneficial.

You’ll no doubt carry some equipment along to mobile appointments, such as a laptop and perhaps books. Portable equipment insurance helps to cover the cost of repairs and replacements if business equipment is stolen, lost, or broken on the job.

How do I receive my insurance documents?

Purchase insurance online with Hiscox and you’ll receive immediate cover, bringing instant protection for practicing psychotherapy.

We’ll send your insurance documents straight away. If you opt to receive these via email, then you’ll receive confirmation and official papers within a matter of minutes.

These serve as proof of cover. They will list the types of insurance you’ve included, as well as the value of the cover you select.

Does Hiscox psychotherapy insurance cover working from home?

Yes – a range of Hiscox business insurance products cover psychotherapists who work from home.

If you’ve recently started working remotely, specialist insurance might be worth considering, since standard home insurance sometimes doesn’t offer full protection for business-owned equipment.

Other types of insurance may also become more relevant when a psychotherapist operates online, such as cyber and data cover. Find out more about the cover you may need as a home-based business insurance.

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