Business insurance for Artists

For an artist, every brush stroke is a labour of love – insurance protects your creative endeavours by offering support when problems arise.

Whether you’re a self-employed oil painter, freelance artistic director or the owner of a small ceramics company, business risk can present in many forms.

By underwriting valuable items, gaining support with accidents, and providing legal funding in a range of circumstances, a tailored Hiscox insurance policy can help an artist withstand the unexpected.

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*Figures based on an average of all business insurance policies sold to at least 10% of our customer base between April 2023 and April 2024


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Why do artists need insurance?

A commission complaint

As a freelance artworker, your clients love what you do, and you’ve built your reputation through years of creations. Unfortunately, a new client takes issue with your illustrations and launches a legal complaint, alleging that problems with your work amount to negligence. Even if you feel their comments are inaccurate, you could still face legal costs and disruption. Including professional indemnity insurance in your policy helps to protect your standing by funding a defence in such scenarios and reimbursing related expenses.

Exhibition accidents

An esteemed contemporary art curator invites you to display an immersive piece at a well-known venue. It’s an exciting prospect, which could raise your profile as an emerging talent – but on the opening evening, the portable containers that transport your art  fall over and injures an attendee. Though art galleries may not seem like hazardous places, any interaction with people brings the potential for accidental injuries and property damage. Hiscox public liability insurance can protect an artist against the financial impact of lawsuits.

Disaster in the studio

Fine art requires fine equipment, whether it’s a full-size kiln to fire ceramics, a loom for weaving textiles or high-quality canvases and paints. Something as simple as a burst pipe in the studio could put valuable items at risk, leaving you unable to fulfil orders. As an artist or maker, your studio and tools are central to your livelihood – property insurance can cover the cost of locating burst pipes, while contents insurance protects what’s important inside your premises.

What insurance is available for artists?

Other relevant policies for an artist include cyber insurance, property insurance for your studio and personal accident cover, which can provide economic reassurance for freelance creatives.

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These are just some of the types of business insurance that we can offer an artist. Build a policy that’s tailored to the needs of your business with Hiscox.

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Insurance for artists: FAQs

Does Hiscox business insurance cover my art exhibitions?

Yes, the right combination of business insurance policies can cover an artist for events such as exhibitions.

For instance, if your exhibition is taking place from a studio you own, then commercial property insurance with contents cover insures your art and collections as well as your business equipment.  Contents insurance can also help if your art is damaged in transit or at a one-off exhibition location.

Art show organisers may also benefit from our special exhibition insurance, which may be particularly useful if your event is cancelled or disrupted.

Why do artists need public liability insurance?

Artists may need public liability insurance if their work involves contact with people from outside their business, such as customers, suppliers or venue owners. If there is potential for your business activities to accidentally cause slips, trips and breakages, then public liability insurance can provide beneficial protection.

The more your business interacts with people, the more potential there is for things to go wrong. Therefore, this type of cover may be particularly important for artists who run events such as educational workshops, exhibitions and open studio days.

Will artist insurance cover my specialist equipment?

Our commercial contents insurance insures an artist’s specialist equipment as well as their art. If you have valuable machinery, such as a kiln, loom, printing press or projector, then these are covered for damage from events such as fire and flood.

There’s theft cover, too, so your paints and canvases are insured in the event of a break-in.

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