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Keeping data secure matters – your own information and anything that your clients trust you with. If a hacker targets your business, there’s an IT failure or you (or someone in your business) accidentally shares something they’re not supposed to, it takes time and money to fix. Putting a cyber and data risks insurance policy in place means you’re protected.

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About cyber insurance

What does cyber insurance do?

It’s also known as cyber liability insurance, or data protection insurance. It’s there to make sure your business is protected against cyber crime – things like fraud, data theft and social engineering, where criminals attempt to fool you into parting with money, information or both. It also covers data breaches where sensitive information is accidentally shared.

When should I get cyber insurance?

Cyber crime is on the rise, more than three out of five firms reported a cyber attack in the last 12 months and it can lead to lost revenue, a damaged reputation and even fines. Anyone who uses computers or the internet at work, holds data about customers, suppliers or employees, carries out online transactions, or just uses social media, should think about security.

How much cyber insurance cover will I need?

The amount of cover you need depends on what it would cost to get back to business after a cyber attack. We’ll work with you to design a policy that’s suited to your needs. The Hiscox CyberClear Academy is a great place to start learning about cyber security threats such as phishing and ransomware attacks. It’s accredited by GCHQ and offers videos and interactive material to help you develop your knowledge of cyber security.

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Where cyber cover can help

Recovering from attacks

Insuring against cyber crime and data risks means you’re protected against new and existing threats, but we’ll also help with the practicalities of getting experts to restore systems, recreate data and deal with any demands being made where data is stolen. Our cyber insurance policy for SMEs is the only one to score 100% in The Insurance Times Cyber Product Report 2018.

Loss of data

Losing data or accidentally sharing it can cause real headaches for you and your clients. There are lots of stories about people leaving memory sticks lying around, but there are much simpler ways to lose data that do just as much damage. Cyber insurance helps you cover your costs and get back to business.

Your security commitments

These days we have detailed commitments to keeping client data safe, making sure online transactions are secure and complying with the changing legislation around digital transactions and communications. Things like GDPR legislation are important but complicated and it’s easy to make mistakes or miss things.

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A Hiscox cyber claim story

An average workday became a nightmare when a customer discovered his business had fallen victim to a ransomware attack.

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Is your business cyber ready?

Tell us about your business and answer a few quick questions about your cyber practices. We’ll give you a cyber health check rating to help you understand any risks and how you can improve.

What’s included in your cyber cover

Your cyber insurance cover

  • Protects you for any GDPR non-compliance claims.
  • Refer a friend and receive up to £100 through our refer-a-friend scheme. T&Cs apply.
  • Gets you back to business as usual, as quickly as possible where reputational damage is caused.
  • Compensates for loss of income as a result of a data breach.
  • Manages data breaches with forensic investigations, legal advice and notifies customers or regulators.
  • Covers you for the costs of repair or replacement if you're hit by a cyber attack that damages your equipment.
  • Look no further than Hiscox for insurance you can trust - as of March 2021, we're rated 4.8/5 on Feefo based on 2,963 reviews

Need more details?

Download a summary of what our CyberClear insurance covers and the policy wording here:

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