Protect Yourself

Cybercrime can affect any business and is becoming increasingly sophisticated. The good news is there are several ways you can reduce the risk. Start with these five simple steps to better protect your business today.

The lines between work and home have blurred. We often have our business devices wherever we are, any time of day, so it is essential to remain vigilant by only using approved, secure business devices and networks.

Hacked email accounts using only a single password for protection are responsible for many cybercrimes. Adding a second layer of protection - such as a one-time pin code sent to an application or mobile device - makes it much harder for hackers to gain unauthorised access.

Over two thirds of cybercrime results from human error. Staff may click on suspect links, open infected attachments or simply lose a device or document. Encourage employees to share and learn, offer cyber awareness training and lead by example to reduce this risk.

Email fraud costs businesses millions. Recognising common practices such as using fake email accounts resembling legitimate ones, making requests for funds to new bank accounts, using two-step passwords and typing web addresses manually rather than clicking on links can reduce this risk.

Using a secret key to encrypt your data can make it unreadable without the same key. This keeps customer and business data secure if any of your devices are lost, stolen or compromised. Encryption functionality comes as standard on most phones and laptops, it just needs to be turned on.