In a world where we conduct many daily activities on our devices, it can be difficult to take a break from technology, but there is more to life – and also to work – than what is going on behind our screens. Stepping away for brief periods of time can help with everything from idea generation to relationship building and general wellbeing.

We are working with partners across industry to  help small businesses protect themselves from cyber crime and this month are encouraging people to use the time it takes to install software and app updates to take a break from their tech.

You can help your business to stay secure online through a set of simple behaviours, which are informed by the latest expertise from the National Cyber Security Centre. One of the key behaviours our Cyber Aware #Techfree15 campaign recommends is to always install the latest software and app updates; they contain vital security fixes which help to protect devices from viruses and hackers.  Taking a 15 minute pause from our devices not only frees up enough time for you to install these updates, but allows you to spend more time focusing on your wellbeing at work.

Adopt these handy five tech-free ways to use your time effectively, devised by the Federation of Small Business, so you can look after yourself and your teams while you protect your devices.

  • Boost your wellbeing with aerobic activity. The latest research shows that we should aim to get 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity through the week. That’s around 20 minutes a day. Exercise can reduce your risk of major illnesses and is a great way to support both your physical and mental health.
  • Carry out a quick review of your health and safety policy. It’s important to keep this up to date. Take a tour around your workplace and check if there are any new risks to consider when keeping your workplace safe.
  • Walk and talk. Research shows that many of us spend too much time sitting down. Scheduling walking meetings is a great way to boost wellbeing by getting moving and being exposed to natural light. Exposure to natural light increases productivity by 18 per cent and work rate by 23 per cent.
  • One-to-one meetings. If you’re an employer, take the opportunity to have a one-to-one meeting with a staff member. Check in about how they’re managing their workload and use this time to build trust and a relationship with your employee.
  • Go Green. Research estimates that improved air quality increases productivity by up to 11 per cent. If you work near a green space step outside for 15 minutes to enjoy the natural light. If you don’t, introducing or increasing the number of plants in the workspace can be beneficial. Use time to tend the plants by watering, feeding and rotating.

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