In research we commissioned last year we found that 17% of start-ups in the UK decided to make the leap and turn their idea into a business as a result of being made redundant. Turning adversity into opportunity is where the wheat is sorted from the chaff and this determination to get a business idea off the ground is vital for the recovery of the economy.

Last year we created a new comedy web TV series called Leap Year about five friends turned entrepreneurs each experiencing the highs and lows of starting their own businesses and soon we will be launching season two.

The show features friends and co-workers Aaron, Olivia, Jack, Derek and Bryn who are made redundant by their eccentric CEO, Andy Corvell, and decide to take a leap and start their own businesses. They find a shared office to rent and start up.  A mystery investor offers a prize of $500,000 to the individual who gets their business off the ground and friends start to compete.

The series was produced exclusively for Hiscox in the USA by CJP Digital Media in association with Happy Little Guillotine Films and Attention Span Media.

If you haven’t already seen it, we hope you enjoy season one.