Staying motivated: The biggest challenge for small business owners

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So you’ve decided to set up by yourself and go at it alone. Congratulations – you’ve joined the large number of people who’ve made the leap and launched a small business or become a freelancer. But once you’ve got through those adrenaline-fuelled first few months, what’s the biggest obstacle you’ll face?

We asked 500 freelancers and small business owners to choose from a list of challenges and were surprised with the results.

Despite the financial constraints faced by small business today, cash flow wasn’t listed as the biggest difficulty. Instead 41% of those surveyed said the biggest problem was staying motivated and maintaining a work-life balance came second.

In total, the top five challenges listed by small businesses and freelancers were:

  1. Staying motivated (41%)
  2. Maintaining a work-life balance (38%)
  3. Cashflow (28%)
  4. Making difficult decisions alone (22%)
  5. Managing people (22%)

On a more light-hearted note, we also asked about their unsung office heroes – the small but vital objects that power their day. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the office kettle was listed as the most important office object, suggesting there’s nothing like a cup of tea to keep you motivated during a busy day

Other unsung heroes were very much on a practical side, with notepads, comfortable office chairs, sticky notes and USB sticks rounding out the top five, which were:

  1.  Kettle (41%)
  2. Notepad (30%)
  3. Comfortable office chair (23%)
  4. Sticky notes (23%)
  5. USB stick (18%)

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