Hiscox was recently asked to write a series of articles for The Drum (for ‘modern marketers’) to feature in their magazine and their website. Relishing a challenge, Angela Weaver and I got writing! This article summarises what we wrote about, so you can decide whether you want to read the originals for yourself. They’re not just relevant to marketing professionals, of course, but are written with them in mind.

Pulling a triumph out of a disaster

The first article  focused on ’rectification cover’, and how the right policy with a specialist insurer provides cover that means that claims and problems can sometimes be dealt with before the client is even aware something has gone horribly wrong. Early and proactive intervention can protect a client relationship (and keep the cost of a claim down!)

Saving slip-ups

The second article looked at breach of confidence and explains what I have recently christened ’Newman’s Law of 24/7’. Unless you monitor every email/letter/phone call that every employee does 24/7, you can’t guarantee that they won’t inadvertently slip up – so how do you protect yourself?

Honesty doesn’t always pay, but dishonesty costs

Dishonesty is the subject of our third article. No-one likes to think that someone they employ – and trust – could breach that trust and steal, either from the company or its clients. But it can and does happen. The article talks about what this could look like, and the importance of checking whether first and third-party cover for dishonesty is included in your policy.

Making sense of copyright mistakes

My favourite topic (for regular readers of my articles) of breach of intellectual property is the subject of the fourth article. Specifically, this explores the thorny issue of rights ownership – which can seem obvious, but isn’t always.

Managing social media

Fifth and finally, we have an article on the management of social media, written in conjunction with Terry Edney from BusinessHR, one of our core products for small businesses. We look at it from two perspectives – managing social media on behalf of a client, and also internally for your staff.

I hope there’s something of interest there. Please do comment below if there is an angle or aspect of cover you would like to understand in more detail. We’ll do our best to write something for you.