Clients who don’t pay their bills on time are a perennial problem for small businesses with a careful eye on cash flow, particularly in today’s difficult economic times. But what happens when a client not only doesn’t pay for the services they have received but sues alleging they didn’t receive the service they had expected?

This was exactly the scenario that faced marketing consultancy Allott & Associates. Commissioned to provide marketing services for an innovative fat absorption product, Allott & Associates found themselves chasing an outstanding invoice of around £4K at the completion of the project, only to be hit with a counter claim of £36K.

We stepped in to defend Allot & Associates through their Hiscox Professional Indemnity Cover, appointed specialist marketing solicitors and took the matter all the way to court. Where we feel a client is in the right, we’re quite prepared to take the matter all the way to court to protect their professional integrity.

Find out how we got on in our short video: ‘Making a marketing claim’.