Things are not going well for C3D – the team is divided, their bank account has been hacked and rivals are seemingly playing dirty tricks. Olivia has had enough and doesn’t want to ‘climb the mountain’ – is this the end for the Silicon Valley start-up?

There are many challenges to getting a business off the ground from maintaining cash flow through to building a reputation. New business owners might not be experts in absolutely every aspect of running a company but there is help out there. Seeking advice from an expert is especially relevant in the early stages of turning an idea into a commercial entity.

A good place to start is engaging a business mentor who can offer an outside perspective. Someone who isn’t caught up in the day to day running of the company can give you a pragmatic view and help identify issues and opportunities that may have been missed.

A mentor can also provide an encouraging voice that might give you the bit of extra energy you need to drive the business forward. In this episode of Leap Year Olivia meets an enigmatic stranger who motivates her to reconsider her resignation and rejoin the C3D team – but does she know his true identity?

When choosing someone to confide in you need to be sure that you have trust in them to keep commercial confidence. There are professional mentoring bodies out there or maybe you could look to your own business networks.

As we wait to find out if Olivia’s stranger is all that he seems it would be great to hear nuggets of inspiration you would offer a start-up if you were their mentor. I hope you enjoy this episode of Leap Year, presented by Hiscox – small business insurance specialist.