The situation is grim, C3D have little to no money left in the bank and investors are circling. Their business strategy is going off the rails and a wayward attempt to glean information on their competitors by rummaging through rubbish bins doesn’t get them anything but dirty. To make it worse, there isn’t enough money to pay the salaries. C3D will need to think of other ways to motivate the team while they get everything up and running again and keep everyone working to the same goal.

Is this the point this start-up is going under…….?

Start-ups are often tight on cash flow and this may mean they can’t invest in corporate types of employee incentives. They may not have the economy of scale to arrange for discounted gym memberships, however the start-up environment offers amazing advantages for employees.

By virtue of working in a small business people are exposed to and often part of the raw passion of bringing an idea into the marketplace. It is easy to see the tangible results of effort put in and the reward of each and every achievement can be truly fulfilling. There is scope for staff to get involved in different aspects of running a business which can challenge and broaden one’s skill set – opportunities are abound.

Perhaps if C3D can get themselves back to being more of a team and remember why they started up in the first place, things might start to improve. I hope you enjoy our latest episode of Leap Year.