With things not looking any better for C3D’s business prospects – Jack, Aaron and Bryn hightail it back to NYC to enter a competition that might just save the day. Back in their home city they will battle against other start-ups for the attention of Techstars and hopefully secure a desperately needed injection of cash.

Techstars are a start-up accelerator in the US who provide capital to tech companies to get them off the ground. Seed funding, or business angels are also afoot in the UK searching for new exciting businesses they can invest in. I talked about Crowdfunding in an earlier blog, as a way that small businesses can attract investment and move their idea into an actual product or service. Crowdfunding is where an entrepreneur can upload their pitch on specialised sites to tell potential funders about your great new business idea and what they would get in return for their investment.

Back in NYC it isn’t just about the money, in the halls of Techstar the C3D team also bump shoulders with another entrepreneur who offers an inspiring, if a some what obscure pep talk. The opportunity to work along-side other start-ups that are facing the same challenges can spark new innovations.

Again, these hubs are up and running in the UK, one of which is situated in our own Silicon Valley – Old Street, London. We were lucky enough to meet Elizabeth Varley of TechHub earlier this year when she presented in our annual debate at the Royal Institution (Ri) on innovation and entreprenures.

TechHub provides a physical space for startups to build their business ideas. At the Ri event Elizabeth talked about the opportunity of having like-minded entrepreneurs in the same space and the amazing collaboration that can happen naturally by virtue of bouncing ideas off each other. Let’s see if this group environment will be the motivation the team needs to get C3D back on track……

Enjoy episode 5 of Leap Year and let us know if you own experience on what sparked your business innovation.