So Livefye is a fake company offering fake competition and Bryn’s idea to kidnap June Pepper and discover the location of the prototypes didn’t get them any closer to where the prototypes actually are. It’s not going to plan for the team and it’s playing right into Corvel’s puppet show. What else can they do but turn the game on the chief puppeteer himself?

Bryn’s threats got Mr Corvel’s attention but now it is over to Jack to get him at their forthcoming product launch. While Jack and Corvel meet, Derek and Olivia sneak into the office to look for the missing prototypes. Corvel is surprised to hear that C3D has merged with Livefye (they don’t really exist after all) but is pleased that Bryn is on track to deliver the prototypes for launch.

For C3D the thing that matters most now is that they need to get their product ready for launch. Interesting that Corvel’s games may have actually helped them improve their original prototypes. Bryn has almost got the new product ready and found a bug in the original code that Sergei designed for Corvel’s competition last year. This bug could have caused some serious problems if the product had gone to market. Professional indemnity insurance would have helped them in providing cover for Sergei’s mistakes, or indeed potential mistakes from any other past employees.

The season finale is next week – we’re sure there will be a few more surprises in store for anyone who doubted the C3D team’s determination to succeed.