Clearly Olivia has been taking her marketing lessons from her CEO at Livefy. She has been secretly filming the C3D crew in action and putting their startup antics online as a new series called – Behind the Hologram. A web series about a startup – sound familiar? Viewers are able to watch the programme and see if C3D can launch on time and get their product ready.

Bryn has kidnapped June Pepper and threatened Andy Corvel – things are really heating up and this definitely does not sound like your average startup trying to launch the next big thing. It is difficult to tell what is happening with Bryn right now and where her thoughts are at but her quick mouth and pointed responses might actually land C3D in hot water and open them up to some real problems as they have been so exposed through the videos posted up on Behind the Hologram.

Bryn’s threats are most certainly something that could be investigated by police but the vicious remarks she made about Livefye and Andy Corvel could bring about charges to C3D along the lines of personal or product disparagement from their competitors or their benefactor. Startups may be overzealous when comparing their product to the competition and this could have consequences. Luckily there are small business insurance packages that can help address these issues; marketers for example could be covered with professional indemnity insurance.

The new turn of events has thrown us for a loop. What has been going on? If Andy Corvel paid off Derek’s lawyer fees and Livefye’s office is fake, who has stolen their prototypes?