Nothing is done well when you are overtired. If you were behind the wheel of a car you would be putting yourself and others at risk – so why would you do it with your own business? At C3D the stress and strain of the past few weeks have definitely taken their toll and everyone is exhausted. But they are still there in the office and what happens while they are there could be more damaging than taking a break to go home and get some much needed rest.

One risk from being over worked is that it becomes hard to be rational and see the big picture for what it is. Small issues suddenly seem much larger than they need to be and there is a greater temptation to take short cuts rather than do a job properly. The C3D team is experiencing these issues and it’s getting personal. Aaron has been kicked out by Lisa for being unfaithful and finds out his own brother, Derek, has been acting as a spy for their competitors. Bryn can’t get out of her own head and definitely isn’t focusing on work.

There are basic steps you can take to minimise your stress levels in the office. A little while back we put together an infographic to help entrepreneurs understand their stress tipping points and how to combat them. Going for a walk or making a conscious effort not to work through lunch can give you the head space to think clearly and hopefully make good business decisions.

The other risk you face if you don’t take breaks is making mistakes that could damage your business and just as importantly your reputation. As a start up, your reputation is everything, especially as word of mouth recommendations are often one of the most effective ways of getting new business. Another important step to protect yourself if a mistake is made, is to take out Professional Indemnity insurance. I talked about this in my last blog post and why every small business needs it.

So will the C3D team take a moment so they can see the wood for the trees, or just keep ploughing on lurching from one near disaster to another.