The C3D team are not doing well and just when they thought things couldn’t get any harder, another obstacle pops up. Bryn has gone back to San Francisco after her clinch with Aaron and now it is up to Aaron and Jack to present to Techstars on their own. It is not the ideal situation and deceit may be their only way to survive and win the competition to save C3D. Jack managed to persuade Aaron into going with him and then things start to really kick off.

The sabotage takes many shapes and forms, including a clandestine meeting in a garage, Aaron faking it as a driver and the spill of water over the keyboard trick. Now we may be all too familiar with early morning coffee and water spills over our own laptops but if the unfortunate did happen, how will this impact your business? There could be a cost of retrieving the data and paying for a new laptop and more than that it could mean that you can’t deliver a project on time to a client. Business Owner insurance would help cover the damaged equipment and data retrieval costs. This insurance can provide a safety net to help prevent unexpected costs due to unforeseen mishaps.

Back to leap year and Aaron and Jack once again use their nine lives to win the competition and it seems C3D is saved in a nick of time. They receive a great welcome back into San Francisco but this proves tough for Aaron as his nerves are shattered when Lisa throws him a pointed glance whilst he is chatting to Bryn.

A crisis has been averted for the C3D clan and what will the next episode bring us? Will Bryn’s interest in Aaron keep her off track from completing the prototypes in time and what will everyone say when they find out from Olivia that Derek is a spy?