This is the final instalment of the second season of our Leap Year web TV show and what an action packed episode it is. Jack pulled off a huge show to a packed conference centre showcasing C3D conferencing systems with true dramatic flair.

Unbeknown to Andy Corvel, Bryn extracted the entire truth from him in front of the Silicon Valley conference centre implicating himself and all the wrong doing he was subjecting C3D to. Stealing their prototype, extorting money from their bank account and creating a fake company were a few of his many felonies. Detective Doyle was on hand to hear the confession and the team must have felt sweet revenge watching Corvel being escorted off the premises by the detective.

The preview of the C3D system was a storming success – not only were the audience impressed but Jack got great support from VCs offering their business cards. And that’s not including the seal of approval from Glenn Cheeky who planted an enthusiastic kiss on Jack and offered to invest more money.

The team at C3D has done well but now they need to make sure their company and their product gain momentum by turning their heads to ‘what next?’: their on-going business strategy and all the things they need to do to get their business to fly. They have shown they aren’t afraid of a setback (or two!) and like other entrepreneurs know that a little self-belief, hard work and good support can go a long way in getting them to the top.